Cloud ERP

Innovative Cloud ERP Solutions.

Employing leading Cloud ERP technology in your ERP system provides your business with secure, scalable and future proof tools that will grow with your business in an affordable way.


ERP Systems

Integrated eCommerce and ERP Systems.

Industry best practices demand that your eCommerce and ERP systems are well integrated. Benefits include reduced administration and more timely and accurate information which improves customer satisfaction.


Accounting Software

Your Accounting Software must work for you.

Offering industry best practices for integrating mainstream Accounting Software and Inventory Software systems with eCommerce, Ebay, Amazon and manu other industry leading cloud solutions.

Experts at integrating Accounting Systems with Cloud ERP Systems

Developers of Leading Edge Business Solutions

Bluetech has the expertise to create very effective systems that address your specialty needs. We have been doing this for more then 30 years with a wide range of applications. The majority of our current projects are web based, providing some very interesting solutions to the online community, but we still have windows based solutions and a growing mobile device team.


Cloud Hosted Web Business Solutions

Too many companies settle for a  canned product for their web presense. The website is rapidly becoming the most import access point into your business. It therefore needs to fit and model your unique way of working. By working with the Bluetech Team we can customize a web solution for you that captures your business ethos and presents it to your customers in ways that are positive experiences and which inturn yield growth and satisfied customers.


Ecommerce Business Solutions

Off-the-shelf ecommerce systems may work well for a small business, but for established firms they require too much shoe-horning of your business methods to provide an efficient solution. Bluetech can take these generic tools and develop a system that fits your business processes properly while retaining the advantages of a mature system. This type of development is a triple-winner, efficient businesses, powerful cost effective eCommerce site, satisfied customer.

Streamlined business efficiency

Why fight your tools? Let us mold them to your ways and get things running better then ever.

Increased order accuracy

Integrated eCommerce and ERP will ensure the greatest levels of accuracy.

Increased customer profitability

A good customized solution will help you get the best results out of and for your customers.

Improved staff satisfaction

A system that helps rather than impedes your workflows will improve job satisfaction level of your team.

Fewer customer back orders

With a tuned system working for you, your customers will see the best of what you can provide.

Reduced overhead costs

A well designed custom solution will get the best productivity out of your teamr.

Our Approach

Step 1
Initial contact
Requirements gathering
Step 2
Detailed analysis
Conceptual design
Aggressive iterative design
Present roadmap
Step 3
Client care
Phone support

Honesty, commitment and quality craftsmanship.

Mobile Business Solutions

Mobile devices are rapidly becoming the most used piece of technology people use. Tapping into this enviornment will soon become essential for a business to grow. Bluetech can help you maximize your mobile presence with an application that seemlessly extends the reach of your business ethos right into the palm of your customer.


ERP Integration Business Solutions

So many ERP systems are based on old technologies with little ability to extend their reach directly to your customers. Bluetech can develop interfaces to your current system and get them working well as a web solution where the cloud advantage can be brought to bear in innovative and powerful ways to best utilize your current tools.

My partners and I saw a market opportunity in bringing the legal and banking industries together to address a number of problem areas in the mortgage discharge business. We needed a software team that could take our concept and create a finished web solution. We turned to the Bluetech team as they had delivered for us previously. They delivered us a custom web solution that is now providing a secure and fast tool for hundreds of lawyers and credit unions who use it daily. I highly recommend their skills and services.
Don Markley, President Atsource Solutions Inc.